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Welcome to Yummy Mummy Pregnancy Day Spa!



Thank you for stopping by my website to take a look! I’ve worked really hard to create a really special and relaxing day spa especially for mums and women during pregnancy. A place that they can come to unwind while our wonderful therapists make them feel beautiful again. Whilst we specialize in pregnancy massage in Perth & Sydney- we warmly welcome (and in fact I encourage) mums to come back in long after their babies are born! Being a mum is the hardest, and most rewarding job we will ever get to have in our lives- but it’s vitally important that we take some time out for ourselves so we don’t get totally burnt out/sick/ useless to everyone who depends

 on us.


I have three little darlings that keep me on my toes- combining that with running a business is always fun! I didn’t exactly enjoy being pregnant- I actually felt really quite uncomfortable and frumpy, my skin was like a teenagers again and my back pain was unbearable. Even towards the end I managed to end up with Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction. OUCH!


Because I am a remedial massage therapist- I know how amazing pregnancy massage is, and how beneficial massage is post-birth for breastfeeding mama’s… but when I was pregnant – I couldn’t find any where to go for pregnancy massage, I couldn’t even find a place who would give me a facial during pregnancy! I could not find a therapist who could assure me of what skin care products to use during pregnancy either. I was lost, and pretty grumpy about the total lack of knowledgeable beauty salons or day spas that would let me have treatments during pregnancy. And yes- I was also hormonal.


So then my brain turned on- what if I created a day spa that takes care of not just mums, but pregnant women too! Long story short- I sold my house, took a giant leap of faith and opened up Yummy Mummy Pregnancy Day Spa while pregnant with my second baby.  It has been such a huge challenge running a business with little ones, but every time I get to meet one of our beautiful mums who come in and see their face after they have come in for a little bit of me time- I nearly want to cry with joy… in fact some times I do! (Children definitely change you- I was never this emotional previously!)


If you are looking for a day spa to truly bliss out in because you are a mama and are tired- come and see us. If you are looking for some where special to send a really special woman that you love to pieces- then get her a gift voucher and let us take good care of her. If you are looking for some where that knows exactly what they are doing because you are suffering from pigmentation during pregnancy- come to us because we know how to help you. If you are looking for some one to help you because that awful hormonal acne during pregnancy has crept up on you- please, come and see us so we can help you.


I promise you that you will love your treatment with us- and if you don’t I will give you your money back- because I know how precious your time is, and I never want to waste another busy mum or mum-to-be’s time with something you don’t enjoy.  I am really excited to meet you- and so are the girls. Go ahead and book yourself in- you truly deserve it.


Lots of love,


Amy & the Yummy Mummy Girls xxx

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